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London Forum Media Awards 2013

Every second year, member societies of the London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies submit entries in various categories to be considered for these awards instituted in honour of our first President, Walter Bor.

The results from 2013 are listed below: Winners (W), Highly Commended (HC), Joint Commended (JC) and Commended (C).

Results from 2011 can be seen here

Examples in pdf format can be viewed () but note that these may be large files

Seven Dials Trust (WC) See an example
The Enfield Society (JC) See an example
The Sydenham Society (JC) See an example

Printed Publications:
Highgate Society Northern Heights Publication Series - Ten self-guided walks (W)
The Clapham Society Clapham Common Trees(HC)
The Enfield Society Heritage walk No.5 Edmonton (C)

The Hackney Society Society Hackney: an uncommon history in 5 parts (W)
The Hearne Hill Society The story of Sir Henry Bessemer (C)

The Herne Hill Society (W)
The St Marylebone Society (HC)
The Thorney Island Society (C)
The Chislehurst Society (C)

Media Impact:
No award given in 2013