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Walter Bor Media Awards 2011

Every second year, member societies of the London Forum of Civic and Amenity Societies submit entries in various categories to be considered for these awards. The results from 2011 are listed below: Winners (W), Highly Commended (HC) and Commended (C).

Examples can be viewed (where available) but note that these are large files

Sydenham Society (W) See an example
Herne Hill Society (HC) See an example
Westcombe Society (C) See an example
South East Bayswater Residents Association (C)
Enfield Society (C) See an example

Sydenham Society (W)
Putney Society (HC)
The Heath & Hampstead Society (C)

Other Publications:
Highgate Society (Local Walks 1 & 2) (W)
Kensington Society (Annual Report) (C)
Clapham Society (Clapham Common Leaflet) (C)

Media Impact:
Westcombe Society (C)

Hackney Society (W)
Bedford Park Society (HC)
Friends of Richmond Park (C)
Herne Hill Society (C)
Finchley Society (C)